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Alisha is an attorney with over 13 years’ experience in family and juvenile law and the author of the Award Winning Family Law Boot Camp The Essential Guide to Representing Yourself in a Colorado Family Law Case.  Alisha offers low-cost family law services and divorce or custody coaching at low rates. 

Don't go at it alone, our resources are designed to help.


I offer affordable legal aid to anyone, whether or not you are low-income, and whether or not you have children.  I will work with you and your budget to provide only the legal services you need and help you save costs by guiding you through the process yourself.


Family Law



Child Support


Debt Collection

Contract disputes

Small Claims

Protection Orders

Stepparent Adoption

Name Change

Menu of Flat Fee Services

  • 30-minute consult with an attorney
    Includes confidential second-opinion on an existing case.
  • Packet of Forms
    Not sure what forms you need?: Let us send you exactly what you need for your case.
  • Trial Prep Meeting
    Schedule an hour to discuss how to present evidence and argue your case effectively.
  • Draft Initial Case Forms
    Let me prepare your initial divorce or custody case filings for you.
  • Draft Motion to Restrict Parenting Time
    I will help you draft a powerful and focused motion to restrict based on law and fact.
  • Draft Motion for Attorney Fees
    If you are the lower-income earner, you may be entitled to an award of fees.
  • Draft Request for Protection Order
    If you have a fear of imminent danger to your life or health or that of your children you may be entitled to protection,
  • Prepare a Subpoena
    If you need to compel a witness to attend trial you may need to subpoena them.
  • Name Change Paperwork
    I can help you determine if you qualify for a name change, and prepare all the documents you need to request a legal name change.
  • Stepparent Adoption
    Stepparent adoptions are full of paperwork and background checks. I can help you prepare everything you need.
  • File a Small Claims Case
    I will help you prepare the forms you need to file your small claims case.
  • Ongoing Legal Aid
    If you want the option of consulting with an attorney on an ongoing basis you can pay as you go, no retainers. I offer affordable assistance without the expensive commitment.

Hiring A Divorce or Custody Coach

When hiring a divorce coach or custody coach, you want someone who has first-hand knowledge of the family courts and experience with the emotional and financial aspects of the process.

Alisha will help you with the following aspects of your divorce or custody concerns:

  • Choosing an attorney.  How much should you pay? How do retainers work? How much will this cost?  How do I pick the right lawyer?
  • Logistics.  How long will my case take?  When should I file?  Who should file?  How do I calculate child support or spousal support/maintenance?
  • Issues.  What are all the issues at play?  How should I evaluate what is most important to me?  How do my decisions affect my children?  
  • Negotiation.  How do I effectively negotiate?  Do I have to cooperate?  What if my ex is not participating?
  • Insight.  Why is my lawyer acting the way she is acting?  How will a judge see my case?  
  • Experts.  Why do I need them?  What do they do?  How will they help or hurt me?

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